Below are mistakes/omissions etc spotted in the 2001/2002 season.

An error from 4th September
Gary Rhodes is the presenter of BBC TV's 'Masterchef', it is no longer Loyd Grossman

Two mistakes from 11th September
The catchphrase with which Jimmy Young closes his programmes is TTFN (Ta ta for now)
not 'Oft we jolly well go'.
The village near Dorchester famous for its swannery is ABBOTSBURY
not Abbotsford (the home of Sir Walter Scott!)
In the same quiz Vesta Tilley was given as the answer to the question, 'Which music hall performer is associated with the song "Burlington Bertie"?' Another and arguably more accurate answer should have been included. The song was written by William Hargreaves for his wife Ella Shields who not only had it as her theme song but also recorded it on at least six occasions.

A spelling mistake (17th September) - the winner of the 2001 US Open Golf Championship was Retief Goosen not Goosens
Bucephalus was the horse of Alexander the Great
not Napoleon! (his most famous mount was Marengo) (18th September)

The major Education Act introduced by R.A.Butler was the 1944 not 1948 Act (8th October)

The letters BC were omitted from the following question - From which European country did the Dorians originate in the 11th century? (October 22nd)

A bumper crop from October 23rd!
Angora and mohair
as well as Cashmere are fabrics made from goat's hair. Chambers Dictionary also lists three more, namely Aba, Camlet and Tibet.
A double whammy! Henry of Navarre's regnal number (Henry IV) should have been included as answer to the question about the first Bourbon King of France. It was also confusing to refer to his conversion to Christianity - in fact he renounced Protestantism in converting to Roman Catholicism.
The genus the cyclamen belongs to is primula rather than primrose.
The forenames of Dr Crippen were Hawley Harvey
not Hawley Hanley
The set is claimed to be correct as at August 2001, therefore Coventry City should not have been referred to as a Premiership side in the question about who play home games at King Richard Street.
The process by which soap is made is saponification
not sponification.
Midsummer's Day (June 24th) is under the star sign Cancer
not Gemini
Another double whammy! The FBI agent in The Silence of the Lambs is Clarice
not Clarence Starling! In answer to the question which novel and film featured her, 'Hannibal' should also have been listed as an answer.

In the Bible the writing on the wall appeared at Belshazzar's feast not Nebuchednezzar's. This mistake was repeated in the question about who interpreted the writing. (29th October)

Michael Aspel not Michael Parkinson is the presenter of the Antiques Road Show (6th November) - In the same quiz there was a problem with one of the spare questions also. ie. In which city is the world's longest street? answer given LOS ANGELES - However, the longest street in the world is 1, 886 km long. It is Yonge Street, running from the port of Toronto to the border with Minnesota.

Phiz (Hablot Knight Browne) as well as the answer given - George Cruikshank - illustrated the works of Charles Dickens (12th November) - In the same quiz - "Which cricketer holds the record for taking most wickets in his career? " The answer given Courtney Walsh is in test cricket but the question did not include the word "test". As the question stood the answer was Wilfrid Rhodes of Yorkshire. The better known of the South African plant Mesembryanthemum is Livingstone Daisy not rose.

Some problems with the set of 13th November:-
Caravaggio's real name was misspelt, it should have read Michelangelo da Merisi (
not Moreso)
as well as Salem could possibly be classed as a biblical name for Jerusalem.
Enobarbus is listed in the cast list of Antony and Cleopatra as a friend of Antony
not a servant of Cleopatra
Edinburgh University
as well as Herriot-Watt and Napier is a university in Edinburgh!
No context was given for the so-called play of the millennium - Waiting for Godot - whose poll was it and did the setter mean play of the century?
South Yorkshire Council was abolished in 1986 - Barnsley is now a unitary authority
Bolton Wanderers are a Premiership,
not a Nationwide side.

In Ormskirk League matches (26 November), a question asked "which car company did David Brown found?" The answer given was Aston Martin.In fact Aston Martin was founded in 1914 by Lionel Aston and Robert Bamford. The company was subsequently acquired by Sir David Brown in 1947.
Another question asked for the derivation of the physics term 'quark' - The correct answer is that it comes from the novel 'Finnegans Wake'
not from 'Ulysses' as given on the sheet.

Trucial Oman
as well as as the Trucial States should have been given as the answer to the question about the former name of the United Arab Emirates.
Steve 'Peregrine' Took
not Mickey Finn formed the group Tyrannosaurus Rex with Marc Bolan (3rd December)

Mount Helicon as well as Mount Parnassus was sacred to the Muses (4th December)

William Raynor, the oldest winner of the Victoria Cross, won his award in the Indian Mutiny not the Crimean War.
To which saint is England's Birminghan Cathedral dedicated should have read Birmingham's Anglican Cathedral. As the question was worded St Chad (RC Cathedral)
as well as St Philip should have been acceptable
Amnon was only the
half-brother (not brother) of Absalom and the eldest of 17 sons of David. His main link with Absalom is that Amnon raped his sister for which Absalom had him murdered at a sheep-shearing party.
" A Village Romeo and Juliet" is an opera composed by Delius in 1900-01. It is
not a sub-title of 'A Walk to the Paradise Garden' which is an intermezzo (added at Beecham's request in 1910 to cover a scene change) before the final scene of the opera.
11th December)

According to the Guinness Book of Hit Singles, the first Beatles' number one was 'From Me To You' not 'Please, Please Me'
7th January)
Three mistakes from
January 8th - William Walton not Michael Tippett composed the Coronation March 'Crown Imperial'
as well as Zambia has the Kwacha as its unit of currency
Detroit is
not on the shores of any of the Great Lakes. The Detroit River on which it stands links the Lakes Erie and St Clair

Wasim Akram was not the first cricketer to take two hat-tricks in test cricket. H.Trumble (Australia) took hat-tricks in the 1901/2 and 1903/4 seasons. In 1912 T.J.Matthews took two hat-tricks in the same test match, one in each innings. Akram, by taking hat-tricks in successive test matches in 1999, was thus the third cricketer to achieve two test match hat-tricks.
Daphnis and Chloe by Ravel is a ballet
not an opera. (February 4th)

Moon Unit was a daughter not a son of Frank Zappa, he called his son Dweezil. (5th February)

Three problems from February 12th
To say, to an Aussie, a 'drongo' is a horse is quite wrong! According to Chambers Dictionary it is either a glossy-black fork-tailed insect-catching bird of the Old World tropics or (Australian slang) a nitwit, a no-hoper. According to the Cassell Dictionary of Slang, the second meaning may have originated from the NAME of a particular race-horse which frequently finished last!
Ursa Major is surely more commonly known as the Great Bear
rather than the Plough. In fact the Plough comprises only certain stars of the Ursa Major constellation!
Pole Star
as well as Polaris and North Star is an equally correct answer to the question about the brightest star in Ursa Minor?

As at January 2002, Carl Hooper, not Jimmy Adams, was captain of the West Indies.
The Basque language is spoken in northern Spain and south-west (
not north-west!) France. Also Euskara which is the proper name of the language, and a better answer, should have been included in the answer.
The forename of the Croatian footballer Suker who won the Golden Boot at the 1998 World Cup finals is Davos
not David.
March 4th)

Harry Ramsden's original fish and chip shop was opened in Bradford in 1926. He moved to Guiseley in 1928 for the sake of his wife's health. (March 5th)

Lancashire Lynx RL team does not play at Deepdale. It left there after the 1998 season! The club has gone back to Victory Park, Chorley and been renamed Chorley Lynx. (March 11th)

The name given to a floor made by setting mosaic paving in concrete chips is Terrazzo not Terracotta (March 12th)

Laughing Gas is the popular name of the gaseous compound comprising two atoms of nitrogen and one atom of oxygen not hydrogen. (March 19th)

Three mistakes in the set from Northern played in the semi-finals of the Don Standing Cup/Maurice Jefferies Plate (April 30th)
Alaska has more active volcanoes than Hawaii
Because the word 'adult' was not in the question, treble, as applied to boys' voices, is the highest male voice not alto (counter-tenor)
not cruzeiro is the unit of currency in Brazil

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