Below are mistakes/omissions etc spotted in the 2002/2003 season.

Four errors from 2nd September
Camp David was named after Eisenhower's grandson, not his son
James Firman is not President of the British Board of Film Classification - Quentin Thomas has recently succeeded Andreas Whittam-Smith in that position
Bruges, dubbed the Venice of the North, is not a capital city
F1 Motor Racing is governed by FIA not FINA (the governing body for swimming)

Beethoven scored music for two ballets - Ritterballet as well as The Creatures of Prometheus (10th September)

It was Henry Cavendish not Joseph Priestley who discovered the nature and properties of hydrogen (16th September)

The line 'Stone walls do not a prison make' comes from 'To Althea, From Prison' by the Cavalier Poet Richard Lovelace not Andrew Marvell (17th September)

Ernie Els beat two Australians (Steve Elkington and Stuart Appleby) as well a Frenchman in the 2002 Open Golf Play-Off (23rd September)

Joe Frazier won the Olympic Gold for Heavyweight Boxing in 1964 - there were no Olympics in 1970! (24th September)

In the Harry Potter stories, Fang, the giant black boarhound, rather than Fluffy is Hagrid's pet dog. He does keep the three-headed Fluffy who was used to help guard the Philosopher's Stone (1st October)

It is ridiculous to include a question about the triangle being the smallest percussion instrument in an orchestra, there is no limit to what can be used in a percussion section
Worcestershire (since its 'divorce' from Herefordshire)
not Wiltshire is alphabetically the last of the English counties
(7th October)

Although the most famous Alcazar is in Seville, there are others including those at Segovia and Toledo. Alcazar means any of a class of fortified structures built in the 14th and 15th centuries in Spain. (The term is derived from an Arabic word meaning “castle,” or “fortress.”)
There are more than the two terms - parr and smolt - for the young of the salmon - Chambers Dictionary lists all of the following: sprod, skegger, samlet, mort, grilse, fingerling, fry, brandling, bluecap (14th October)

William Huskisson was killed at the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway not at the Rainhill Trials.
Andy Williams did NOT do the singing for Lauren Bacall in 'To Have and Have Not' - Who says so? Howard Hawks, who directed the film, and Lauren Bacall herself! Williams did record the songs but Hawks decided to stick with Bacall's singing.
New Zealand won the Americas Cup in 1995 (not 1955) and 2000 (21st October)

Cleopatra was of Macedonian descent, it's misleading to give her nationality as Macedonian.
Ron Grainer composed the Dr Who theme, Delia Derbyshire was responsible for the electronic arrangement
It was not J B Priestley who called hydrogen 'flammable air' - the setter obviously meant Joseph Priestley but it was already called 'flammable air' some time before he conducted his experiments
Floyd Patterson was the first boxer to regain (not retain) the World Heavyweight title
Melbourne not Sydney hosted the 1956 Olympics
Chaucer wrote 24 (not 23) Canterbury Tales (22nd October)

It was wrong to include the words 'accipitrine' and 'raptor' in a question as though they were interchangeable - the former pertains specifically to a hawk whereas the latter is a general word for birds of prey.
It was misleading to say that Robert Fulton invented the marine torpedo in 1804 - During the Napoleonic Wars he experimented with a naval mine and called it a torpedo. The modern torpedo was developed by Robert Whitehead, a British engineer, in the 1860s (4th November)

A definition of Boyle's Law was incorrect in a question - it does not state that the volume of a given quanitity of gas varies inversely when the pressure is constant, rather it is the law that states for a gas at a given temperature, pressure varies inversely to volume.
The birth name of Jack Lemmon is 'John Uhler Lemmon III" NOT just John Uhler III - these are his forenames - his real surname is Lemmon
In answer to the question about what is the common name for hydrated calcium sulphate, Gypsum is a better answer than Plaster of Paris. The latter has as its source gypsum, partially dehydrated by heat, which dries into a hard substance when mixed with water. (5th November)

There is a variant spelling/pronunciation of the stick used by artists to support their brush hand while painting. As well as maulstick, there is also mahlstick or malstick (11th November)
Antishenes, who was a disciple of Socrates, is considered the founder of the Cynic school of philosophy, rather than Diogenes of Sinope who is often is given that credit (12th November)

F Scott Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon was unfinished at the time of his death in 1940 not 1910
America entered World War One in 1917 not 1916 (19th November)

Captain Scott sailed to the Antarctic on the Discovery as well as the Terra Nova (25th November)
Sydenham's Chorea rather than Huntington's Disease/Chorea is also known as St Vitus Dance (26th November)

With regard to the Duke of Buckingham, mentioned in Dumas' Three Musketeers, it would be acceptable to say that he was a supporter of Charles II as well as Charles I. He was brought up with Charles I's children and went to Scotland with Charles II during the Civil War. His father, the first Duke of Buckingham, had been a supporter of James I.
The castle at Dux that Casanova died in was neither his nor in Belgium! It was in Bohemia and belonged to his employer, Count von Waldstein.
Jesse James was shot in 1882 not 1885 (2nd December)
The name Monopolies and Mergers Commission no longer exists, it is now called The Competition Commission.
The Japanese verse form does not consist of 5, 7 and 5 lines respectively. It consists of three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively.
George Clooney plays Dr Doug Ross not Rose in ER (3rd December)

Vincent Van Gogh is not buried in Paris, he is buried at Mery, Auvers-sur-Oise where he died. (9th December)
Charles I was executed in 1649 not 1651.
Maurice was Harold MacMillan's first name not his middle name.
Strictly speaking there is not a world record for the marathon rather there is a world best time. (10th December)

The Golden Treasury (of Songs and Lyrics) was edited by Francis Turner PALGRAVE not Francis Turner (6th January)
It is wrong to say that the USA bought Arizona in the Gadsden Purchase. The land bought constitutes southern parts of the present day states of both Arizona and New Mexico (7th January)

John Hadley invented the quadrant in 1730 not the sextant, the latter was developed from his work. (13th January)
Lynda Carter was NOT 'Miss USA' in 1972. 'Miss USA' in 1972 was Tanya Wilson of Hawaii. Lynda Carter won a similar title called 'Miss World USA' in 1973
Karl Malden played the middle-aged husband of teenage temptress Carol Baker in the 1956 film 'Baby Doll' not the 1960s film 'Lolita' (14th January)

There are 78 not 76 cards in a standard tarot pack (4th February)

Gustavus Adolphus (Gustav II Adolf) was known as 'The Lion of the North' not 'The Thunderbolt of the North' which was applied to Harald III Sigurdsson who was also known as Hardraade (Hard Ruler).
'Only the Lonely' was not Roy Orbison's only number one hit, it was his first - he had subsequent number ones with 'It's Over' and 'Oh, Pretty Woman'
There are two answers as to how many gallons there are in a hectolitre - 26.42 US gallons or 22 imperial gallons.
Queen Alia not Ilia Airport serves Amman, Jordan (10th February)
The name of the element chlorine is derived from the Greek not Latin for (pale) green (11th February)

Wilson the wonder athlete first appeared in the Wizard in 1943, not the Hotspur in 1933 (25th February)

Mata Hari was a Dutch dancer, not a French cabaret singer
Anne of Cleves as well as Catherine Parr outlived Henry VIII (3rd March)

Pod not Pool is one of 'The Borrowers'
The Bluebell Line runs between Sheffield Park to Kingscote via Horsted (not Norsted) Keynes
The chemical formula for chloroform is CHCL3 not CHCL1
Ian Brady and Myra Hyndley were jailed in 1966 not 1965 (4th March)

Chester Carlson not Carbon developed the first practical dry photocopier in 1937 (17th March)
The Discovery as well as the Terra Nova was a ship used by Captain Scott.
George II not George I was the last British monarch to be buried in Westminster Abbey?
Neither Fisher nor Viking shipping forecast areas touch the coast of Norway - those that do are North and South Utsire
In the film 'The Narrow Margin', Anne Archer (an actress) played the part of Carol Hunnicutt - not the other way round !!
Ginger Rogers was NOT the cousin of Rita Hayworth. They were NOT blood relatives. Their connection is as follows: Rita's mother's brother, Vinton Hayworth, (Rita's uncle) was married to Ginger's mother's sister, Jean Owens (Ginger's aunt)!!
(18th March)

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