Below are mistakes/omissions etc spotted in the
2000/2001 season.

Fabian of the Yard was played by Bruce Seton not Raymond Lockhart (Sep 4th) There was a Raymond Francis who played DCS Tom Lockhart in 'No Hiding Place'

On which river does Amsterdam stand? The Ij should have been included in the answer as well as the Amstel (Sep 12th)

The capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe not Tashkent (which is the capital of Uzbekistan) (Sep 18th)

A redpoll is a type of which creature? A bird should have been included in the answer as well as a breed of cattle (Oct 02)

Which is the largest of the carnivorous marsupials? It's extremely rare and found only in one State of Australia. Answer Tasmanian Wolf (its alternative names should also have been given i.e the thylacine and Tasmanian Tiger (Oct 4th - President's Trophy)

The Ormskirk League found the following 2 errors in a set from Northern (Oct 10th):
Q. In the Old testament who was the father of Enoch and grandfather of Methuselah?
A. Cain (Correct answer JARED, although Cain did have a son Enoch)
Spot the errors in the following question!
What is the name of the character in 'Dracula' by Mary Skelly (sic) who eats cockroaches, flies and spiders?

Robin Ray was the original chairman of Call My Bluff
not Robert Robinson (Oct 16)

Apart from Gerald Ford, US President Chester Alan Arthur
also never won a National Election for the Presidency. Although Gerald Ford is only the only President not to have won a National Election for Vice-Presidency or Presidency the question was not specific enough. (Oct 16)

Two questions with incorrect dates (Oct 17th)
Drake completed his circumnavigation of the world in 1580
not 1589
The end of the Hundred Years War (Treaty of Arras) was in 1453
not 1435

Several mistakes/queries etc (Oct 23)
The first stretch of motorway (Preston By-Pass) was opened in December 1958 by Harold Macmillan and
not in 1959 by Ernest Marples
The Bank of England was nationalised in 1946
not 1947
We would like to see proof that Humpty Dumpty was a caricature of Richard III
Rod Laver's full nickname was 'The
Rockhampton Rocket' - other players have been nicknamed simply 'Rocket'

Owen Glendower originally rebelled against Henry IV in 1401 not 1416. He died in 1416 by which time Henry V was on the throne (Oct 24)

Not so much a wrong answer as a wrong question!
On 31st October quiz round 3 question 3, Monica Seles (the answer) was playing Maggie Maleeva when she was stabbed and
not Steffi Graf

Ian Rush was the British player to win the Golden Boot award in 1984 not Kevin Keegan (Nov 6)
Kevin Keegan never won a Golden Boot in his whole career. However he was twice voted European Footballer of the Year - 1978 and 1979 whilst playing for SV Hamburg

The Ormskirk League found the following error in a set from Northern (Nov 13):
Jack Nicklaus was the winner of the US Open in 1980
not Seve Ballesteros (his Major win in 1980 was the US Masters)

(Two mistakes from Nov 27th)
The first Woolworth store was opened in 1879 in Utica
not New York
The last two men to walk on the moon were Cernan and Schmitt (Apollo 17 in Dec 1972) and
not Young and Duke who were part of the Apollo 16 mission in April 1972.

The Ormskirk League found another problem in a set from Northern (Dec 5):
Q. Which European city derives its name from the Greek goddess of victory. Answer (on the paper) NICE - answer offered was NICOSIA which has since been confirmed as correct - whether NICE is an equally correct answer has yet to be confirmed!

Two mistakes from a paper played on Monday 11th December
Although the Good Samaritan helped a traveller who was on the way to Jericho, it is
not specified in the Bible in which the former was travelling!
James II married Mary of Modena and
not James I who married Anne of Denmark - (James II had previously been married to Anne Hyde)

A question with an incorrect dates (Dec 12th)
The novel 1984 was published in 1949
not 1948

Stephen King wrote under the other name RICHARD BACHMAN not BACH (Jan 9th)

Who was the Egyptian god of the dead? Osiris should have been included in the answer as well as
ANUBIS as they both performed functions in the world of the dead. (Jan 16th)

The Greenshank belongs to the SANDPIPER (SCOTOPACIDAE) family not the Grouse family. (Feb 6th)
The literal meaning of the word Tyrannosaurus is TYRANT LIZARD
not 'terrible lizard' which is the meaning of 'dinosaur'. (Feb 6th)

A recurrence of the mistake made in the set of Oct 23 (see above) The first stretch of motorway (Preston By-Pass) was opened in by Harold Macmillan in 1958 and not in 1959 by Ernest Marples. (Feb 12th)

When applied to modern cars ABS means Antilock not Advanced Braking System (Feb 13th)
Sir Tom (
not John) Farmer is the Chairman of KwikFit (Feb 13th)
The First Law of Physics stating that 'matter can neither be created nor destroyed is known as the Conservation of Mass
not Thermodynamics (Feb 13th)

An incorrect answer in the Merseyside Challenge Cup/Plate on 14th February.
Women competed in the Olympic Games for the first time in 1900
not 1912. The first sport in which women competed was croquet, the first female Olympic champion was in tennis, Charlotte Cooper (GB). Women also competed in golf at the same Olympics. In 1912 women's events in swimming and diving were introduced. It was not until 1928 that women were allowed to compete in gymnastics and athletics.

An incorrect fact in a question (Feb 27th). Helsinki was not the original choice for the 1944 Summer Olympics, London was. Helsinki was the second choice for the 1940 games after Tokyo, thus it had to wait 12 years not 8 before staging the games.

Justin Leonard was involved in the 1999 Open golf play-off not Jason Leonard, England's most capped RU player! (Mar 5th)
A better definition of a polymath than the one given (a very learned person) is 'one whose knowledge covers a
wide variety of subjects' (Mar 6th)

Several mistakes from March 6th:-
It was ridiculous to ask the question 'What one word describes cupidity?' when The New Shorter OED gives at least
three one-word definitions - greed (the answer on the paper), covetousness, lust
The cyclist who won the 1999 Tour de France was Lance (
not Wayne) Armstrong!
Mount Parnassus
as well as Mount Helicon should have been included as the answer to the question about the home of the Muses. The Roman poets favoured Parnassus over Mt. Helicon as the home of the Muses.
Eisenhower was the 34th
not the 33rd President of the USA

Two mistakes from March 12th
A question asked which team won the FA Cup in 1884-86 and again in 1889 and 90, but never won again? Answer Blackburn Rovers. The question is wrong in several respects. Rovers won the FA Cup in 1884-86 and then in 1890 and 1891 (Preston N.E. won it in 1889). They also won it in 1928!
Tom Finney (1954 and 1957)
not Danny Blanchflower (1958 and 1961) was the first player to win the 'Footballer of the Year' award on two occasions.

In the novel 1984, Britain was known as Airstrip One not Airship One! (Mar 13th)

What do Americans call a wallet. Pocket-book as well as Billfold should have been given as answer.
Steve Donahue won the English Derby three consecutive years
not on three separate occasions. (Mar 19th)

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