A Message to all Quiz Players from the Southport & Formby Quiz League

Do you enjoy general knowledge quizzes e.g. pub quizzes?

Have you thought about entering a quiz league either as a team or as an individual?

If the answer to either the above is YES, read on!

Did you know that the Merseyside Quiz Leagues, founded in 1959, are the largest independent quiz leagues in the world. In the 2002/2003 season just under 200 teams were competing.

Teams represent pubs or clubs and have either Monday or Tuesday as their home match night.

The Commitment
The league season runs from September to March with matches played on a home and away basis. The starting time for matches is 9 pm.
Each league either during and/or at the end of the league season run cup competitions some of which are handicap competitions. There is also the opportunity to enter Merseyside-wide competitions.
Teams consist of 4 players, but to form a team you need a squad of about 6 people, not only to cover occasional unavailability of players but also as home teams provide officials such as question person, scorer and timekeeper.
After the match which lasts approximately 30 minutes, it is customary for the home team to provide light refreshments (sandwiches) and a 'friendly' quiz.
The only other major requirement is one set of questions from each team for matches to be played in other areas during the following season.

Quiz nights are an enjoyable social occasion - you meet old friends as well as new players and you have the opportunity to sample the wares of a variety of clubs and pubs throughout Merseyside and West Lancashire!

The Format
Quizzes consist of 8 rounds each of 8 questions. Each player is asked a question in turn - he/she may attempt an answer for 2 points or pass it to a team mate for 1 point - a failure to answer a question or an incorrect answer gives the opposition an opportunity to answer correctly for 1 bonus point.

The Standard
Questions vary in difficulty and cover a wide variety of topics but are designed to be answered! Here is a sample from one of a previous season's quizzes - answers at the bottom of the page.

Which film featured the song 'Unchained Melody' by the Righteous Brothers?
Who said, "I never hated a man enough to give him back his diamonds"?
In which county is Silverstone motor racing circuit?
From which country does the wine 'Bull's Blood' come?
Who wrote 'Murder in the Cathedral'?
Which newspaper uncovered the Watergate Affair?
How many minutes are there in a degree?
What beverage did Andre Agassi advertise on TV?
What is the capital of the new republic of Slovakia?
Edward, the Black Prince, is said to have collected his spurs at which battle?
Twelfth Night is the eve of which Christian Festival?
Who was Anastasia and Drizella's step sister?

There's no doubt that playing quiz league matches as well as being fun will both greatly improve your general knowledge and enhance your chances of scooping the prizes in fun and pub quizzes!

Who to contact?
If you would like further information or would like to join the quiz league either as an individual or as a team for the 2007/2008 season contact Dag Griffiths

NB Although the league season doesn't start until September, teams have to be registered by the end of April to allow fixtures to be made and handbooks prepared.

Entry fees are currently £40 per season per team.

Ghost, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Northampton, Hungary, T.S.Eliot, Washington Post, Sixty, Nescafé, Bratislava, Crécy, Epiphany, Cinderella

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