The Merseyside Quiz League was formed in Bootle in 1959 with just ten teams.
Now the MQL consists of about one hundred and thirty teams spread amongst six large areas:-

 Northern (= Bootle, Waterloo and Crosby etc)
 Southport & Formby

On the 6th October 1999, MQL celebrated its 40th anniversary with a table quiz held at Smithy Manor.

Pictured right are MQL President Peter Richardson (left), the winning team 'The Moore The Merrier' from Warrington. The question setters and organisers
Ray Oakes (Condottieri ) and the late Bill Hawkins (Formby RBL) of the S & F League standing behind.

League Matches are played once a week during the season, which extends from September to March. Other MQL competitions include:-

Challenge Cup (open to all teams)
President's Trophy
(Inter-League Division one, representative sides)
President's Shield
(Inter-League Divisions Two, Three, Four representative sides)
Feeny Cup
(Competition for the top three sides in each Division One)
Rendon Cup
(Competition for champions and runners-up in all other divisions)
Mimir Trophy
(an individual competition - open to all)

Additionally, each league organises its own knockout and/or cup competitions either during or at the end of the season.

Each area organises its Leagues via Local Committees. Representatives from the Committees serve on the MQL. Council which takes decisions of overall importance.

Quiz teams come from pubs, clubs, factories, local government, offices, churches, sports and political clubs, etc, etc. Players come from every walk of life.

All matches are played strictly in accordance with MQL rules which are continually refined and brought up to date. The rules are published annually together with fixtures and general information. Each playing member is issued with a copy of the MQL Handbook at the start of each season.

Highlights of the season - apart from the various Finals - are the Area Presentation Nights
and the MQL Presentation - at which an array of cups, shields mementos are distributed.

Prior to each season, teams register and present their own sets of questions. After rigorous vetting, typing and printing, questions set by Liverpool, Northern and Ormskirk are sent on a weekly basis to Southport & Formby, Warington and Wirral and vice versa. Strict security is observed to prevent fore-knowledge of question sets.

A number of leagues make annual contributions to charities.

Since its inception, MQL. has helped other areas in the UK to form similar associations - and in some cases ex-members have carried the gospel overseas.

The appeal of the Quiz League is difficult to define. At the top levels, matches are played in a spirit of fierce competition, whilst lower down the scale the "Quiz Night" is more of a friendly social occasion.

For several years MQL supplied the teams and questions for BBC Radio Merseyside's Merseyquiz knockout competition.
In 1976, an individual competition was introduced with a unique format which ensures that players have an equal chance of answering questions without reliance on buzzers, extra bonus points etc. It is called the MIMIR competition and is named after the Norse god of wisdom.

In 1979, the Leagues adopted a depiction of Odin's Ravens as its badge and logo. One called Huggim represents Thought, the other called Mummim represents Memory.

After nearly 40 years, stories, jokes, legends and. myths about the Leagues abound, and have become part of the social history of the area.

Historical Notes
1959 - Bootle
1960 - Liverpool North
1962 - Crosby
1963 - Waterloo, Southport West.
Inter-League Championships began - also Champions and Runners-up competitions
1966 -Liverpool and Wirral West.
1967 - Southport North and West.
1970 - Re-organisation - Liverpool Leagues expanded, Northern Leagues adopted promotion and relegation. Ormskirk began.
1971 - Ormskirk East and West
1972 - Ormskirk introduced promotion/relegation.
1974 - Liverpool divided off Wirral.
1975 - Warrington began.
1976 - All areas had promotion and relegation except Wirral.
1992 - Southport renamed Southport & Formby

2009 - MQL celebrated its Golden Jubilee

Publicity Leaflet Read the Southport & Formby Quiz League publicity leaflet giving further information about the quiz league
Old photographs Photos from early days of the Southport & Formby Quiz League

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