Below are listed mistakes/omissions etc spotted in the 2008/2009 season.

The T in BTEC stands for Technician not Technology - in full Business and Technician Education Council (1st September)

Alpha Centauri (at 4.365 light years) is not an acceptable alternative to the question about the nearest star to Earth after the Sun. Proxima Centauri at 4.243 light years is the only answer. (9th September)

A red triangle on an OS map indicates a youth hostel not a main railway station - the latter is shown by a red rectangle. (15th September)

The Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst did not christen his daughter Catherine in 1729 - the future Catherine the Great was christened Sophia Augusta Frederica.
It was not just the Public Record Office that merged with the Historical Manuscripts Commission to form the National Archives - also involved were HMSO and the Office of Public Sector Information. (23rd September)

In terms of debt management IVA means Individual Voluntary (not Personal) Agreement. (29th September)

It is a myth that Neil Diamond's real name is Noah Kaminsky - apparently at one stage he did consider adopting the name.
The Cab Calloway song title is Minnie the Moocher (not Mocker) (30th September)

The current Broadway musical that has a Japanese therapist called Christmas Eve is Avenue Q not Spamalot (13th October)

There are other cancer drugs in addition to Herceptin that authorities have refused to prescribe - there is a whole raft of high cost drugs that cancer patients have been denied.
French (with under 5%) is not the main language of Louisiana, English is!
It is contested that the meringue was invented in Meiringen which incidentally is in Switzerland not Germany.
Courtney Pine, although mainly a saxophonist also plays flute, clarinet and keyboards. (14th October)

"Sudoku" literally means 'single number' not 'number place' which was one of its early English names. It is actually an abbreviation of a longer name, "Su-ji wa dokushin ni kagiru," which roughly means "the numbers must occur only once." (20th October)

Caerphilly is the largest castle in Wales not cathedral - St David's has that distinction (27th October)

Ampere is not the SI unit both of electrical current and charge - the latter is the coulomb (28th October)

Before becoming a cricket commentator John Arlott had other job as well as a Police Officer - he was a Clerk before that and after leaving the police he was a BBC Radio Producer.
Although he was by far the longest serving J B Morton was not the only columnist to write the 'By the Way' column as 'Beachcomber' in the Daily Express. When it transferred to the Express it was initially written by social correspondent Major John Arbuthnot who invented the name "Beachcomber". D.B. Wyndham Lewis also wrote under the pseudonym and William Hartson is the current author in its revived form.
A lace anniversary celebrates 13 not 2 years of marriage. (18th November)

Without giving any context, it was nonsense to ask the question who composed the song 'Ave Maria'. Although Schubert published his song (opus 52 no 6) in 1829, the Hail Mary or Ave Maria in Latin has been set to music numerous times. Among the most famous settings is the version by Charles Gounod (1859), adding melody and words to Johann Sebastian Bach's first prelude from the Well-Tempered Clavier. Antonín Dvor(ák's version was composed in 1877. Another setting of Ave Maria was written by Giuseppe Verdi for his 1887 opera Otello. Russian composer César Cui, who was raised Roman Catholic, set the text at least three times: as the "Ave Maria," op. 34, for 1 or 2 women's voices with piano or harmonium (1886), and as part of two of his operas: Le Flibustier (premiered 1894) and Mateo Falcone (1907). Settings also exist by Mozart, Byrd, Elgar, Verdi, Saint-Saens, Rossini, Brahms and Perosi as well as numerous versions by less well-known composers, such as J.B. Tresch. In Slavonic. The text was also a popular subject for setting to music by Eastern European composers. These include Rachmaninov, Stravinsky, Bortniansky and several others. This text was also very often set by composers in the Renaissance, including Jacques Arcadelt, Josquin Desprez, Orlando di Lasso, and Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. Before the Council of Trent there were actually different versions of the text, so the earlier composers in the period sometimes set different versions of the text to music. Josquin Desprez, for example, himself set more than one version of the Ave Maria. (24th November)

Rigel is the brightest star in Orion not Betelgeuse which is second brightest. (9th December)

The name of Decius Brutus was missing from the list of conspirators from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar - he is a distinct character from Brutus or Marcus Brutus to give him his full name.
Christopher Marlowe was a dramatist as well as a poet and is probably better known as such.
Action Painting as well as Abstract Expressionism should have been included as an answer to the style of art associated with Jackson Pollock. (15th December)

Donald NOT Leslie Neilson, convicted of four murders in 1975, was known as 'The Black Panther.
The Annapurna range of peaks is in Nepal NOT Tibet (16th December)

The first Open Golf Championship was played at Prestwick NOT Prestwich, the latter is a town in Greater Manchester. (5th January)

Ian Johnson NOT Richie Benaud captained the Australians in 'Laker's Test Match' at Old Trafford in 1956 (26th January)

The first appearance of 'Batman' was in 1939 not 1937.
J Lundstrom did not invent the safety match - he improved the 1844 invention of fellow Swede Gustaf Erik Pasch and patented it.
The veteran BBC correspondent who died in July 2008 was Charles Wheeler NOT Peter Wheeler.
Walter Hunt not William Hunt invented the safety pin.
Great Britain has won the most men's single finals at Wimbledon - 35 in total NOT USA which has won 32 not 33 as stated on the paper. (24th February)

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