Below are listed mistakes/omissions etc spotted in the 2006/2007 season.

The collective noun for peacocks can be ostentation or pride as well as muster (5th September)

The first name of the Bronte sisters' brother was Patrick - Branwell was his second name. (25th September)
Martin Ruane was the real name of Giant Haystacks not Luke McMasters - that was one of his other pseudonyms.
The official title of the Epstein statue outside Lewis's, Liverpool is '(Spirit of) Liverpool Resurgent' not 'The Naked Youth'
The Greek god known as Phoebus was Apollo not Ajax who was a hero rather than a god.
The 'D' in
CAD can stand for drafting or dispatch as well as design - in a medical context it can also stand for (computer aided) detection or diagnosis.
Tchaikovsky's 1st Symphony is known as 'Wiinter Daydreams' not 'Winter Dreams' (26th September)

Although Pedro Alvares Cabral of Portugal is often credited with discovering Brazil, the Spanish navigator Vicente Yáñez Pinzón was the first-known European in the region now constituting Brazil. He landed near the site of present-day Recife on January 26, 1500 but the newly found territory fell within the region assigned to Portugal by the terms of the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494). Probably for this reason, Spain made no territorial claims on the basis of Pinzón’s discovery. In April 1500 the Portuguese navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral also reached the coast of present-day Brazil and formally claimed the surrounding region in the name of Portugal.
The following question is also flawed -
Which US state has borders with New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada? Answer on the paper Utah
Overlooking the fact that Utah also has borders with Wyoming and Idaho
, the 'border' with New Mexico is extremely tenuous since they barely touch at a corner! However, given the criteria, Arizona is an equally valid answer. (2nd October)

A 'desert' as well as a 'deceit' is a collective noun for lapwing.
Pat Benatar's 1980's hit was entitled 'Love is a Battlefield' not 'Love is a Battleship'. (17th October)

The Spanish-American War, sparked by the sinking of the USS Maine, was in 1898 not 1904.
The usual collective name for starlings is 'murmuration' - references to it as a 'chattering' are few and far between (7th November)

Clio was certainly the muse of history but not epic poetry as well - Calliope had that distinction (13th November)
The second ENGLISH author to win the Nobel Prize for Literature was John Galsworthy in 1932. George Bernard Shaw who won in 1925 was Irish!
Artie Shaw was known as 'The King of the Clarinet' rather than 'The King of Swing' - the latter nickname was that of Benny Goodman (14th November)

Il Divo is not a British group, the four members are Spanish, Swiss, American and French.
Gail Emms not Evans is a leading British badminton player.
Advent Sunday is the closest Sunday to November 30th not November 1st (28th November)

Jeffrey Archer does not appear to have written a book about Robert Maxwell entitled 'The Proprietor', however the central character in 'The Fourth Estate' is based on Maxwell.
The British pop artist who designed the cover for The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" was Peter Blake not Thomas
(4th December)
The longest river in Australia in its own right is the Darling not the Murray, 2,739 kms and 2, 575 kms respectively (5th December)

George Ligowsky did not invent Australian Rules Football. He was from Cincinnatti and invented clay pigeon shooting by inventing the clay pigeon in 1880. Tom Wills of Melbourne played the major part in the development of Australian Rules Football. (9th January)

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