Below are mistakes/omissions etc spotted in the 2004/2005 season.

Zinc (not talc) is obtained from Calamine (7th September)

Shackleton sailed to Antarctica in two ships other than Endurance, namely Nimrod and Quest. (13th September)
The husband and wife team who jointly write thrillers is Sean French and Nicci Gerrard (not Nicci George) - they write as Nicci French.
Since 1947 the Boulder Dam has reverted to its original name 'Hoover Dam'.
When it was built the Hoover dam created the world's largest man-made lake but now at 204,800,000,000 cubic meters, Owen Falls in Uganda is the largest. For comparison, the lake behind Hoover Dam on the Nevada-Arizona border holds only 35,154,000,000 cubic metres of water.
The West Somerset Railway runs from Bishop Lydeard (not Taunton) to Minehead. (14th September)

Rooster Booster not Brian Boru won the 2003 Champion Hurdle, the latter won the 2003 St Leger.
Colony as well as army is a collective known for frogs
Errol Flynn never took part in the Olympic Games - this is just a 'fact' put out by his publicist. (20th September)
A mistake repeated from last season - "American Pie" was NOT the name of the plane in which Buddy Holly and others died in 1959. It had no name just a number - N3794N. In 1999 Don McLean said 'American Pie was not the name of the plane, it is a term I created'. (21st September)

The 9th Duke of Argyll could not have been the last person in Britain to be guillotined in 1685 - the guillotine was first used in France in 1792! He was in fact beheaded, but the last person in Britain to suffer that fate was Simon Lord Lovatt on 9th April 1747. (27th September)
Petula Clark's real name is not Sally Owens it is Petula Sally Olwen Clark (28th September)

It was Mill Reef's record of six consecutive Group One races that Rock of Gibraltar beat in 2002 not Brigadier Gerard's (11th October)

Peter Kay plays Brian Potter not Barry Potter in the TV series 'Phoenix Nights' (18th October)
Prince Willem-Alexander is the crown prince of the Netherlands not Belgium - Prince Philippe is Crown Prince of Belgium
Pancetta, the Italian bacon is not smoked - it is cured in spices and salt (19th October)

A double whammy - Ruslan Ponomariov was the official F.I.D.E. male world chess champion in April 2004 not Vladimir Kramnik (wrongly given as Victor Kramnik) - Kramnik is PCA World Champion - The current FIDE World Champion is Rustam Kasimdzhanov (26th October)

The aircraft that brought the victorious England RU team back from the World Cup in Australia was named Sweet Chariot not Sweet Charity.
Roy Orbison had no part in in writing the Jim Reeves hit 'Distant Drums' - both words and music were by Cindy Walker.
Dixie Dean scored his record 60 goals in the 1927-28 season, the 60th goal was scored in the spring of 1928 not 1927.
(8th November)
The shipping weather forecast areas abutting the coast of Norway are North and South Utsire not Viking and Forties.
Beethoven not Mendelssohn wrote the 'Consecration of the House' for the opening of the Josefstadt Theatre in Vienna.
A question which gave offence to a number of players because of perceived gratuitous racism appears also to have been wrong. The offending question read 'During the American Civil War, what rule did plantation owners invoke to prevent their slaves enlisting in the Confederate Army?' Answer 'Twenty Nigger Rule'. However the so-called rule exempted plantation owners and overseers from military service. When the first Confederate conscription law was passed in 1862, it included a provision that any man with 20 slaves could be exempted from service. The idea being that someone had to supervise the slaves, who might otherwise run rampant. In the army, of course, some soldiers groused it was 'a rich man's war and a poor man's fight,' and this policy became known as 'the 20 nigger rule.' (9th November)

Stephen Burton was not the real name of Burt Lancaster, he was born Burton Stephen Lancaster.
A mistake repeated from two seasons ago - The birth name of Jack Lemmon was 'John Uhler Lemmon III" not just John Uhler - these are his forenames - his real surname was Lemmon
Chechnya is not a country i.e. a sovereign state, it is part of the Russian Federation (22nd November)
As well as 'the Mighty Five', the Russian composers Rimsky-Korsakov, Balakirev, Borodin, Cesar Cui and Mussorgsky were also known as 'the Mighty Handful' or simply 'the Five'
In 'Alice in Wonderland', it was the Quuen of Hearts who wanted to decapitate anyone who offended her not the White Queen.
(23rd November)

A bully-off is the old method for staring a game of (Field) Hockey. It is now called a "Push back". Bully-offs are still used for example to restart a match when an offence has been committed by both teams at the same time - bit like a drop ball in soccer (30th November)

The kip not the riel is the currency of Laos - the riel is the currency of Cambodia (6th December)
Lynne Truss's book 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' is about punctuation rather than English Grammar. Its sub-title is 'The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation' (7th December)

Grenville as well as Pitt is an acceptable answer to the question about the father and son who both held the post of Prime Minister of Britain. George Grenville was PM from 1763 to 1765 and his son Willian (1st Baron Grenville) held office from 1806 to 1807 in the so-called 'Ministry of All the Talents (13th December)

Whereas Leon Uris wrote 'Armageddon' and 'The Haj', he did not write 'The Exorcist' - it was written by William Peter Blatty (10th January)

The first time women competed in the Olympics was in 1900 (Golf and Tennis) not 1928 - the latter year is when women's athletics events started. (21st February)

Sonia Gandhi was not born in India. Nee Maino, she was born in Ovassanjo, 80 km away from Turin, on December 9, 1946.
The question which required the answer of Cairo as Yasser Arafat's birthplace is contentious. The date and place of Arafat's birth are disputed. A birth certificate registered in Cairo, Egypt, gives August 24, 1929. Some sources, however, have supported Arafat's claim to have been born in Jerusalem on August 4, 1929, and still others have given Gaza, Palestine, as his birthplace (28th February)

Ornithoscopy as well as augury is divination or foretelling the future by observing the behaviour of birds? (March 8th)

In 1929 Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe not Earth was expanding.
Lake Titicaca is the highest in the world but is not the largest in South America, that distinction is held by Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela.
Lady Jane Grey was 15 when she had her nine days as queen not sixteen, that was her age when she was executed.
To be more accurate about the length of Prohibition in America, the question should have asked how long it lasted to the nearest whole year. It came into force in January 1920 and ended in December 1933.
The question about Harper's Weekly and the representation of the US Democratic Party as a donkey was somewhat vague. It was political cartoonist Thomas Nast's work in 'Harper's Weekly' that was the origin of the symbol?
Liverpool is the nearest English city to Dublin but it is not the nearest British city, that distinction belongs to Newry. (March 21st)

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