Southport and Formby Quiz League : Quiz Notes
By Tom Farley

Week ending 29th April 2017

Handicap Cup - Semis and Final
Conceding 5, Devonshire Club were leading after the second round and steadily drew away to a 44 - 36 victory over Ainsdale Sands led by solid scoring from Ian Jackson 16, Dave Leyland 14 and Brian Cummins 12 with Jack Gardner 10 leading for Sands. Receiving 5, Casablanca were never headed and finished 50 - 42 ahead of Wings led by a fine 22 from Ray Oakes (including a "full - house") and Dave Dutton 12 with Dag Griffiths 14 and Tom Farley 13 leading the reply
In the final, the Devonshire Club, receiving 12, scored consistently throughout and were also never headed, finishing 52 - 44 ahead. All of their players made useful contributions with Brian Cummins and Dave Leyland, both 11, and Ian Jackson and Steve Taylor, both 9, with Ray Oakes 19 and Bill Thomas 14 leading for Casablanca.

Pairs Competition
The favourites did not prosper on this occasion and the winners were Chris Sumner (Casablanca), winning for the first time, and Tony Duffey (Quads) again proving an able lieutenant and winning for the fourth time.


Week ending 15th April 2017

Handicap Cup Quarter-Finals
Closest match this week was Casablanca's 51 - 48 defeat of Quads. Conceding 16, the home side finally overtook Quads in the 7th round and won the last to clinch a narrow victory. Ray Oakes 25 and Bill Thomas 11 led for the Formby side and Pat Duffey 10 for Quads. Newcomers Mixed Blues found the going tough at Wings, going down 57 - 40 despite a 17 point start. Dag Griffiths 22, Tom Farley 17 and Maurice Wright 10 all made useful contributions for the home side. Receiving 5, MPs remained in touch with Ainsdale Sands up till half - way but the Sands accelerated away to finish 47 - 27 led by Jack Gardner 24 and Dave Cunningham 11. Devonshire Club completed a rare all first division semi-final line-up with their 46 - 37 victory at Fishermen's Rest with all of their players in double figures; Ian Jackson 13, Dave Leyland 12, Brian Cummins 11 and Steve Wilson 10 with Steve Murphy 16 leading for the home side.


Week ending 8th April 2017

Handicap Cup - 1st Round
Closest match this week was Mixed Blues' 40 - 38 victory at Formby Sports, making the most of their 9 point start. Ed Davies 16 and Bill Morris 14 led for the visitors and Keith Gowans 14 and Sheila Tickle 13 for the Formby side. Receiving 2, Ainsdale Sands were level with Southport FC after 8 rounds but won the extra round 7 - 3 to finish 39 - 35 ahead led by Derek Roberts 17 with John Hill 11 leading for the football club. Conceding 3 and led by Steve Murphy and Dave Tarr, both 12, and Dave Williams 11, Fishermen's Rest managed to hold off Formby Pavilion to win 40 - 37 with Margaret Copplestone 13 and Leon Metford 10 leading for the home side. Conceding 4, Devonshire Club took an early lead and held on to beat Exams 47 - 42 led by good scoring from Ian Jackson 17 and Dave Leyland 13 with Steve James and Nick Philpott, both 11, leading for Exams. Conceding 12 proved no problem for Casablanca with all of their players scoring well, Ray Oakes 19, Bill Thomas 16, Chris Sumner 13 and Dave Dutton 11 all making useful contributions and Alan Wright 11 leading for the home side E Street Band..

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