Southport and Formby Quiz League : Quiz Notes
By Tom Farley

Week ending 24th September 2016

Division One
The first big upset of the season was Southport FC holding Zetland to a 40 - all draw on what was a generally unpopular Monday set. Mick Hopkins 12, Mike Taylor 11 and Geoff Wilde 10 led for the football club and Derek Ainsworth and John Clarke, both 13, for the visitors. E Street Band achieved their first points with a 46 - 38 victory over Devonshire Club, despite being 10 points behind after 3 rounds, with good scoring from Alan Wright 20 and Dave Nickeas 10 and Ian Jackson 20 leading for Devonshire. Led by good scoring from Dave Dutton 19 and Chris Sumner 12, Casablanca finished a comfortable 49 - 35 ahead of Ainsdale Sands with Jack Gardner 15 leading for the home side.

Division Two

The Monday questions also produced an upset in this division with Fishermen's Rest going down 36 - 33 at St Jeromes with John Hoyle 14 leading for the Formby side and Phil Lally 15 and Dave Tarr 13 for the visitors. Formby Pavilion returned to winning ways with a 40 - 35 victory at Vikings with Leon Metford 15 and Ged Gallagher 10 leading for the visitors and Joe Devaney 13 and Bob Ellis 10 for Vikings. A stronger performance in the second half led Quads to a 39 - 35 victory at Exams with Richard Farbon 15 and Steve McGinty 10 scoring well and Brian Waggett 15 leading the reply. Led by a fine 21 from Ann Evans, MPs led throughout at ExPats and finished 35 - 21 ahead.

Week ending 17th September 2016

Division One
Closest match this week was Devonshire Club's 44 - 43 victory over Formby Sports, winning the last round 6 - 5 to secure the win. Ian Jackson and Dave Leyland, both 16, were in fine form for Devonshire with Sheila Tickle 16 and Keith Gowans 12 leading for the Formby side. E. Street Band remained close to Zetland for 5 rounds but the home side finished strongly to win 47 - 35 led by John Clarke 21 ( including a "full house" ), Harry Owen 16 and Dick Davies 10 with Alan Wright 13 leading for the visitors. Ainsdale Sands were level with Wings at half - time but a stronger performance from the home side in the second half saw them draw away to finish 48 - 37 ahead. All of Wings' players were in double figures with Tom Farley 14, Keith Mulhearn 13, Bob Parry 11 and Maurice Wright 10 making useful contributions and Jack Gardner leading with a fine 24 for Sands.

Division Two

Led by Bill Welsh 15, Fishermen's Rest continued their good start to the season with a comfortable 38 - 25 victory over Vikings with Alan Martin 13 leading for the visitors. Formby Pavilion, however, couldn't build on their win last week, going down 42 - 34 at home to Exams. Steve James 15 and Brian Waggett 13 led for Exams and Nick Aindow 13 and Frank Gracie 11 for Pavilion. Quads recovered from last week's disappointing result with a 38 - 27 victory over Ex - Pats and, like Fishermen's Rest, will be aiming to get back into the first division. Adrian Cannell and Richard Farbon, both 11, and Tony Duffey 10 led for Quads and Don Hobson 13 for the Marshside team. MPs went down again, losing 39 - 33 to St Jeromes with Sue Ford 13, supported by Mike Beckingham and Eddie Evans, both 10, leading for the Formby side and the ever - reliable Ann Evans 14 leading the reply.


Week ending 10th September 2016

Division One
Both of the promoted clubs lost their opening games though E Street Band led through most of their match against Casablanca before going down 42 - 41. Bill Thomas 15 and Chris Sumner 10 led for the Formby side with Ann Page 13 and Dave Twigge and Geoff Hedley, both 11, leading the reply. Southport FC proved too strong for Ainsdale Sands led by good scoring from Geoff Wilde 15 and Mick Hopkins 14 with Jack Gardner 15 and Keith Wilkinson 11 leading for the visitors. Formby Sports led at the half - way mark against Zetland but the visitors finished strongly to finish 44 - 37 ahead with John Clarke 17 and Harry Owen 12 leading the scoring and Sheila Tickle 13 and Gary Buxton 10 for the hosts. Seeking their 3rd successive championship, Wings began well with a convincing 57 - 43 victory at Devonshire Club with strong scoring from Dag Griffiths 18, Maurice Wright 16 and Tom Farley 15 with Dave Leyland 16 and Brian Cummins 11 leading for the home side.

Division Two

Led by Margaret Copplestone 16 and Nick Aindow 15, Formby Pavilion began with a comfortable 44 - 31 victory over Quads with Adrian Cannell 10 leading for the visitors. A very close game at Exams saw the visitors Fishermen's Rest snatching a 35 - 34 victory at the death, led by Dave Tarr 15 with Chris Woods and Steve James , both 11, heading the home team's tally. Led by Kath Jackson 11 and Phil Ward 10, Ex - Pats finished the stronger to defeat St Jeromes 35 - 32 with Mike Beckingham 11 and John Hoyle 10 leading for the Formby club. Vikings are looking for promotion this season and began with a convincing 42 - 30 victory over MPs led by a fine 19 from Alan Martin with Ann Evans 11 leading the reply.

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