Southport and Formby Quiz League : Quiz Notes
By Tom Farley

Week ending 21st May 2016

Handicap Cup Semi-Finals
Conceding 19, Wings overhauled Ainsdale Sands in the 7th round and went on to win 60 - 52 led by heavy scoring from Tom Farley 23, Dag Griffiths 19 and Maurice Wright 10 with Keith Wilkinson 12 and Jack Gardner 11 leading for Sands. In the other semi-final, Casablanca, conceding 9, were never able to quite catch Southport FC and went down 46 - 43 despite all of their players being in double figures, Chris Sumner 14, Dave Dutton and Arthur Jones, both 11, and Bill Thomas 10 and Geoff Wilde 14 and John Hill 10 leading for the football club.

Handicap Cup Final
Receiving 17, Southport FC led Wings until the last 2 questions but Wings produced their usual strong finish to snatch the win 56 - 54. All of the Wings players were in double figures led by Bob Parry 17 with good support from Dag Griffiths 15 and Tom Farley and Maurice Wright, both 12, and Geoff Wilde 14 and John Hill 10 leading the reply. Wings thus completed a fine season in winning 3 of the 4 competitions and coming 2nd in the Handicap League and with Dag Griffiths winning the Merseyside MIMIR individual competition.

Pairs Competition
After a very tense and protracted competition, Tom Farley (Wings) and Pat Duffey (Quads) just squeezed home against Dave Dutton (Casablanca) and Dan Evans (MPs). Tom and Pat had also won together in 2007.

Week ending 14th May 2016

MIMIR (Merseyside Individual Final)
Many congratulations to Dag Griffiths (Wings) for a great win in the Mimir Merseyside final, his second win in the competition. In the final, he drew with Karl Whelan of the Wirral League. They then drew in each of the 3 extra rounds before Dag won the ultimate tie-break.

Handicap Cup Quarter-Finals
Closest match was Casablanca's 45 - 42 victory over Devonshire Club despite conceding 2. Bill Thomas 20 and Chris Sumner 12 led for the Formby side and Dave Leyland 13 and Steve Wilson 10 for Devonshire. Conceding 15, a strong performance from Wings gave them a 56 - 50 victory over E Street Band with Dag Griffiths 22, Tom Farley 14 and Maurice Wright 12 all scoring well and Dave Nickeas 11 and Dave Twigge 10 leading the reply. Receiving 1 and led by good scoring from Geoff Wilde 14, Mike Taylor 13 and Mick Hopkins 12, Southport FC proved much too strong for Quads in winning 44 - 31 despite a fine 19 from Richard Farbon. Receiving 5, Ainsdale Sands led throughout to defeat Fishermen's Rest 52 - 42 with a good all-round team effort lead by Derek Roberts and Dave Cunningham, both 13 and Jack Gardner 12 with Steve Murphy 16 and Dave Tarr and Dave Williams, both 11, leading the reply.

Week ending 7th May 2016

Handicap Cup - Round 1
There were 2 very close matches this week. Receiving 9, Southport FC were caught by Formby Sports after 6 rounds but won the 7th by 1 and then hung on to finish 45 - 44 ahead. Geoff Wilde 15 and Mick Hopkins 10 led for the football club and Keith Gowans and Sheila Tickle, both 14, and Gary Buxton 11 for the visitors. Conceding 16, Wings almost caught Exams after 3 rounds but the visitors rallied and, with 2 questions remaining, were 1 ahead. Wings managed to answer both to scramble a 55 - 54 victory. All of Wings players were in double figures with Tom Farley 18, Dag Griffiths 15, Bob Parry 12 and Maurice Wright 10 all scoring well, with Nick Philpott 14 and Brian Waggett 11 leading the reply. Conceding 4 and led by Adrian Cannell 19, Steve McGinty 11 and Richard Farbon 10, Quads secured a comfortable victory 47 - 34 victory over MPs with Rick Catton 11 leading for the visitors. E Street Band made light of their 5 point concession to Formby Pavilion with a very comfortable 50 - 30 defeat of Formby Pavilion with all of their players in double figures with Geoff Hedley 17, Alan Wright 13 and Ann Page and Dave Twigge, both 10, all chipping in and Nick Aindow 11 leading for the Formby side. Ainsdale Sands had a walk-over as St Jerome's cold not raise a team.

Week ending 30th April 2016

Don Standing Cup Final
Wings completed the cup and league double but only after a tough struggle against Casablanca. The lead changed hands several times and , with 2 questions remaining, the scores were level. Wings answered both to finish 45 - 42 ahead with good contributions from all 4 players, Dag Griffiths 17, Keith Mulhearn 14, Tom Farley 10 and Maurice Wright with the Formby side's quartet of Dave Dutton 13, Arthur Jones 12, Bill Thomas 11 and Chris Sumner 8 almost matching them. The well - received quiz was set by Geoff Hedley of E. Street Band.

Maurice Jefferies Plate Final
Quads led by 11 after 5 rounds but Exams rallied to win all of the last 3 rounds to narrow the gap and finish only 46 - 41 down. All of the players scored well with Adrian Cannell 14, Tony Duffey and Richard Farbon, both 13 and Pat Duffey 6 for Quads and Nick Philpott 13, Dermot Williams 11, Jim Quigley 10 and Steve James 7 replying for Exams.

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