Tuesday 20th October 2009
Set by Mersey Bowmen (Liverpool)

1a Who played Flash Gordon in the 1936 film of that title?
Buster Crabbe
1b Whose face appeared on the widely-distributed 'Your Country Needs You' poster?
2a A white mark spread over the forehead, and sometimes the face, of a horse is called what?
A blaze
2b What name is given to the military code of Japanese samurai?
3a Which notoriously hot Indian city was known to its founders as Fort St George?
Madras / Chennai
3b With which art form do you associate Ansel Adams and Robert Mapplethorpe?
4a What colour was The Chillingham Bull?
White (all Chillingham cattle are this colour)
4b Togs measure the rate at which body heat escapes through what?
A duvet etc

1a Who is the only Nobel Laureate to have his cricketing prowess recorded in Wisden?
Samuel Beckett
1b The ballad Chevy Chase is a tale of border warfare in which range of hills?
The Cheviots
2a How many minims make one breve?
2b From which wood are castanets traditionally made?
3a What is a Stiffkey (or Stewkey) Blue?
A type of cockle
3b What was the work of a 'dhobi wallah'?
4a Who hid in the Boscobel Oak?
Charles II
4b Brumaire, Thermidor and Ventose were all what?
Months of the French Revolutionary Calendar

1a From which Cole Porter musical do the songs Wunderbar and Too Darn Hot come?
Kiss Me Kate
1b In which 1974 blockbuster movie did O J Simpson play a security guard?
The Towering Inferno
2a Who helped Theseus escape from the Labyrinth?
2b The island of Rapa Nui is better known as what?
Easter Island
3a Who supposedly bought the Grail to Britain and founded Glastonbury Abbey?
St Joseph of Arimathea
3b In which decade of the nineteenth century were both Lancashire and Yorkshire County Cricket Clubs formed?
The 1860's
4a In the 1990 film The Hunt for Red October in which city were the Russian Embassy scenes shot?
Liverpool (The Sessions House)
4b What did every new recruit into the British Army receive until 1879?
The King's (or Queen's) shilling

1a Near which village in Lincolnshire is the Royal Air Force College?
1b What did Pickles find in 1966?
The Jules Rimet Trophy/World Cup
2a What is the name of the spicy, curry-flavoured soup the name of which when translated from Tamil means 'pepper water'?
2b What collective noun is used to denominate a group of finches or hummingbirds?
A charm
3a The Reverend Alan Buddle (1660-1715) gave his name to what?
The genus Buddleia
3b Which Cole Porter musical includes the songs True Love and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
High Society
4a What is the collective noun for geese in flight?
A skein
4b Legend suggests that which infamous woman proposed the foundation of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea?
Nell Gwynn

1a In which piste sport did Mussolini, Oswald Mosley, Juan Peron and Himmler all participate -(not necessarily with each other!)?
1b Images of which east coast town have become widely known through the photographs of Frank Meadow Sutcliffe (1853-1941)?
2a Where in the UK was the Mars Bar invented?
Slough (on the Trading Estate)
2b Who was Muffin the Mule's human sidekick on TV in the 1950s?
Annette Mills
3a In which TV establishment were Miss Gatsby and Miss 'Tibbs residents?
Fawlty Towers
3b How many syllables are there in a traditional Japanese 'haiku?
4a The plant Atropa Belladonna is better known as what?
Deadly Nightshade
4b In which county, relatively locally, were General Patton's WW2 headquarters?
Cheshire (Peover Hall near Knutsford)

1a What temperature is the same on both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales?
1b Who said "I hate nobody except Hitler - and that is professional'?
Winston Churchill
2a What is the name of the Old English letter, now appearing as a "Y", as in Ye Olde Tea Shoppe, which should be pronounced as "TH"?
2b What is the literal meaning of the Latin word 'veto'?
I forbid
3a What do these activities have in common - Rope Climbing, Club Swinging, Live Pigeon Shooting and Tug of War?
They have all been Olympic sports
3b Who wrote a series of novels which all had 'Rabbit' in the title?
John Updike
4a Who is the patron saint of grocers?
St Michael
4b Atlas, Imperial and Elephant are all what?
Paper sizes

1a In which county do Woodforde's brew Nelson's Revenge?
1b The Simon and Garfunkel song Mrs Robinson makes reference to which famous American sportsman?
Joe Di Maggio
2a From which Shakespeare play does the line 'Now is the winter of our discontent' come?
Richard III
2b In which Lincolnshire town did the BBC film Middlemarch in the early 1990s?
3a What name is given to the Japanese art of paper-folding?
3b What was the name of the Cuban dictator overthrown by Fidel Castro?
(Fulgencio) Batista
4a Who played General George Custer in the film They Died with Their Boots On?
Errol Flynn
4b Which French town is famous for its mustard?

1a How many red balls are on the table at the start of a game of snooker?
1b Which office was Nicolas Breakspear the first Englishman to hold, in the twelfth century?
2a What was the surname of the London gangster known as Jack The Hat?
2b Which once-successful hosiery company was set up by Asil Nadir?
Polly Peck
3a Which part did Honor Blackman play in the film Goldfinger?
Pussy Galore
3b Who became the first Governor General of an independent Pakistan in 1947?
(Muhammad Ali) Jinnah
4a In which Irish park was Lord Cavendish assassinated in 1882?
4b On which scale is the intensity of an earthquake measured?
Mercalli Scale

1 St Peter Port is the capital of which island?
2 Americans call them scallions; What do we call them?
Spring onions
3 Which local group included a track called `99% Of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd' on their 1985 album 'Back in the DHSS'?
Half Man Half Biscuit
4 I am the egg man' is a line from which Beatles song?
I am the Walrus
5 What does the C stand for in the medical term 'CAT scan'?
Computerised (axial tomography)
6 Which egg was described as being 'good in parts'?
The curate's egg
7 What, according to popular saying, is 'the thief of time?

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